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Car Care: What You Need to Know About Your Headlights

It’s no secret that vehicles require a lot of maintenance.

While you probably don’t have too hard of a time remembering oil changes and brake inspections, your headlights aren’t always in the front of your mind.

There are plenty of reasons they should be, however.

October is Car Care Month and it’s the perfect time to give your headlights some attention.

Here are some things to think about.

Replace headlights before…
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Car Care Tips: Give Your Tires the Royal Treatment

Have you ever considered the fact that the main thing between your car and the pavement is your tires?

Thinking of it that way can put into perspective the importance of proper tire care.

A blowout or another tire failure can put you and your passengers in serious danger.

Every driver needs to know these three tire maintenance basics.

1. Check the pressure.
Whenever you fill up your vehicle, you should also check the tire…
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3 Tips Every Teen Driver Needs to Stay Safe on the Road

One of the scariest things you will ever do is hand your teenager the keys to the car for the first time.

You trust them and know that they’re ready, but it’s still hard to let go.

Being well-informed is extremely important.

Before you allow your teen to put the key in the ignition, make sure they’re aware of these safety tips!

1. The phone can wait
Cell phones are the single…
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Don’t Be a Victim of the Blind Spot: Know How to Set Your Mirrors

One of the dangers new drivers learn about right away is how to handle the blind spot.

If you’ve always set your side-view mirrors to show the back corner of your car, you’re not alone.

That’s how most people have been doing it for generations.

But, it just so happens that there’s a better way!

Check out these three steps for setting your mirrors to eliminate the blind spot as much…
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What Effect Do Foreign Cars Have on the U.S. Economy?

What Effect Do Foreign Cars Have on the U.S. Economy?

Many consumers want to know if their foreign car purchase in America is helping the economy of our country.

While the answer to that question has been debated, the bottom line is that foreign automakers who build their cars in the United States inject a lot of money into the communities in which their factories are located.

Funding local communities
Honda was the first…
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The Basics You Need to Know About Leasing a Vehicle

Many consumers prefer to lease a vehicle as opposed to buying.

Deciding which way you want to go can be tricky.

Here are some basics to help you in your decision-making process.

What is a lease?
The most basic thing to know is what a lease is!

It can almost be categorized as a long-term car rental, though it’s a bit more than that.

You, the lessee, pay money to the bank, the lessor…
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Routine Vehicle Maintenance is the Best Way to Protect Your Investment

There are consequences to ignoring routine maintenance on your vehicle.

Failure to take care of your car can lead to the malfunction of specific parts or even whole systems.

Regular oil changes and keeping up with the coolant levels will ensure that your car maintains its fuel economy, reliability, and avoid expensive repairs.

Maintenance guidelines
Your vehicle’s owner’s manual will give you a maintenance schedule to follow. These guidelines are determined by the…
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The Interesting Information You Can Get From Your Honda’s VIN

Your Honda’s Vehicle Identification Number probably hasn’t been high on the list of things you ponder.

You may have an idea of where to find it and you know that you have to provide it to your car insurance company, but that’s probably the extent of your VIN knowledge.

Let’s dig into what your Honda’s VIN means and what helpful information you can gain from it.

What is the VIN…
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People Pleasin’

Candyce was out in the community doing her People Pleasin’. Like always, she was met with lots of pleasantly surprised reactions. I’ve attached On this trip she visited:
Brotherhood Home of Akron, Buehler’s, Legacy Roofing and Chipotle

You know the saying, you can’t make these things up really stands true when my very first “Random Act of Kindness” of the day was what the program was created for. The pics say it…
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Midsize SUV Showdown: Honda Pilot vs. Toyota Highlander

Both the Honda Pilot and the Toyota Highlander consistently rise to the top of the lists of the best midsize SUVs on the market.

Though both of these vehicles rank highly, there are some differences that may help to tip the scales toward one or the other.

Let’s look at how they stack up against one another.

The base price of the Honda is less than the Toyota, though keep in mind that…
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